Discover the Perfect Way to Play Tennis

At our community facility, we believe that everyone should have access to enjoyable and affordable tennis experiences. That's why we have curated three fantastic options for you to choose from:

Annual Pass (£45 per year): Our most cost-effective solution for tennis enthusiasts! With the Annual Pass, your entire household can relish up to 8 hours of court time per week at any of our Swindon Tennis venues, at no additional cost. Plus, you can reserve your preferred slots up to a week in advance. (*Please note: There is an extra fee for floodlights when playing in the dark.)

Club Pass (£125 per year): Supercharge your game by joining our exclusive tennis club pass. With the Club Pass, your household gains access to 2 hours of court time per day, 7 days a week, across all Swindon Tennis venues. That's a remarkable opportunity to play tennis for a solid 30 days if you have the energy! On top of that, you enjoy a two-week booking window, weekly coach-led social sessions, the chance to represent your club in league matches, and entry into our coveted Wimbledon ballot! (*Please note: There is an additional charge for floodlights during evening hours.)

Pay & Play (£6 per hour): For ultimate flexibility, our Pay & Play option allows you to book a court at your convenience for just £6.00 per hour. Simply visit our court booking pages to secure your playing time. (*Please note: There is an extra fee for floodlights when playing in the dark.)

Embrace the joy of tennis with our diverse range of playing options. Select the one that suits your lifestyle and start swinging those rackets today!