Club Sessions (for Club Pass holders only)

Club Pass members can reserve their spot for our weekly club sessions by using the booking form below. We offer two sessions each week: a coach-led session on Wednesday evenings and a self-managed session on Sunday mornings. Please note that both sessions have a maximum player limit.

To ensure the best experience for all participants, we kindly ask that players attending club sessions have an intermediate level of skill or above. Intermediate players should possess a solid tennis background. As a minimum requirement, players should be able to:

  • Serve and rally at an intermediate level or higher.
  • Score points in a doubles match format.
  • Have prior playing experience at a rallying standard.

We recommend joining our weekly beginner group coaching sessions if you are a beginner. Register for a free trial session here and kick-start your tennis journey.

Prospective players are welcome to attend a free trial of our club sessions. If you would like to experience our sessions before joining or upgrading to a Club Pass, please feel free to book a spot in one of our Wednesday sessions.

Don't forget to take advantage of The Park Coffee House, located at the pavilion, which remains open during our club sessions.

Important: If you cannot attend a club session, kindly cancel your booking to allow other members to participate. A link to cancel your booking will be included in the reminder email sent 24 hours prior to the session. Alternatively, you can send an email to requesting the cancellation of your booking for the specific date you are unable to attend. Please note that our sessions often have a waiting list, so timely cancellations are greatly appreciated.

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